Carolyn Jill Rivera

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Carolyn Jill Rivera

Carolyn J Rivera is a speaker, author, radio host, leadership expert/coach, trainer, and reality television star.  Carolyn’s spent over 30 years in the corporate world coaching leaders and delivering leadership training for thousands of people in over 16 countries around the globe.  My personal areas of expertise include leadership development, change management, talent management, performance management, and executive coaching.  My passion is building tomorrow’s leaders.  Showing people how to achieve results far beyond their initial expectations.  Carolyn is the author of the book:  Plant Your Flag, The Seven Secrets To Winning.  Carolyn’s approach is to give you actions to walk away with to “Ignite Your Will To Win”.


Carolyn led the second largest university in the country, building and enhancing leadership and relationship building skills.  She is recognized as a woman with a passion that achieves results no matter what it takes.  She is an entrepreneur that thrives when helping others succeed. 


Carolyn auditioned for four years before she was selected as a candidate on the CBS hit reality show “Survivor”. She was tireless in her ambition and motivation, which was ultimately recognized when she finished as runner up.  Carolyn was sought after to launch her own radio show in 2018.  Carolyn’s testimonials speak for themselves as she is one of the top speakers/trainers in the leadership space.




Areas of Expertise:

Human Resources


Keynote (up to 90 minutes): $4,000
Half day (up to 3 hours): $5,500
Full day (up to 6 hours): $7,500



Carolyn's Most Requested Programs:

Jungle Leadership


Transform your life and change your destiny.  Carolyn delivers an engaging speech.  Helping people harness their own potential and navigate themselves to achieve their goals.  As a contestant on Survivor, Carolyn had many people doubting her, and she doubted herself many times throughout the adventure.  Her pseduo-fans thought she wasn't young enough, fit enough, or frankly that she could Survive at all.  In Carolyn's speech she shares the seven influential steps that she followed in order to bring her vision to life.  We all have our doubts and sometimes even want to throw in the towel and give up because it is easier.  Or we can dig deep and push ourselves to achieve new heights.   When you hear Carolyn speak, you will walk away knowing that you can achieve anything you set your mind to, just as she did when she was a castaway on the island of Nicaragua.  

Carolyn’s passion is to develop future leaders by helping individuals see who they can be and how they can get there.  Schools, Organizations, Not-for-Profits all need great leaders.  Leadership takes courage, sweat and skills.  Some people think that you have to be a born leader.  Carolyn has helped athletes, business managers, teachers, executives all develop the passion to lead, and with her insights and the skills that she supports, they have been able to transform. 




Don't Just "Survive", Thrive In Perpetual Change

The only thing constant in life is Change, yet the one thing we all hate to deal with is change.  Change is hard.  Change is uncomfortable.  Change is exhilarating and exciting.  Carolyn refocuses your mindset to see change as an adventure.  To be able to embrace the unknown with open arms so that you can experience new things and see things from a different perspective.  In this talk you will learn to challenge the status quo.   

Every day we are faced with choices.  Which route we choose and how we handle adversity impacts us.  Carolyn shows you how to build your pathway to success and reveals the "Will to Win" process.  Carolyn takes you on her personal journey which starts on the high school boy's gymnastics team.  It didn't stop there and after four years and nine videos, she finally fulfilled her dream of being a contestant on Survivor!

In this talk, Carolyn strips back the curtain in this talk and reveals how in her personal life and professional life there were moments when she doubted her ability to manage through tsunami’s she did not anticipate.  Through her stories and life lessons, Carolyn built a toolkit that explains the skills to work through change and how to embrace change making everything flow seamlessly.




One Vision, One Voice, One TEAM; Examples To Catapult Results

Carolyn has participated in hundreds of teams throughout her life.  As an athlete, community and business leader she has contributed to team success and learning from team fails.  In the jungle, conflict between team members caused everyone to operate independently, this is no different in an office environment.  Carolyn shares her approach to building effective teams each time change happens.  Her stories and proven techniques will inspire and support you in building teams and team members who enjoy the sweet taste of success!



 “One Word:  FANTASTIC!  Today's leadership session with the executive team was fantastic!  I received lots of compliments from the team relating to the content and delivery.  Our CEO Mike Wheeler said, "This was the best session".  Carolyn's enthusiasm and manner of delivery was certainly well received!”   Gayle Fili, Senior Vice President Retail Banking - Beverly Bank


“Carolyn is an inspirational leader, trainer, mentor and coach.  I had the privilege of working with Carolyn at two Fortune 50 companies where she demonstrated excellent presentation and training skills at all levels.  She connects with people in the room by sharing her personal experiences and weaves humor and learning together through a dynamic conversation.  She holds herself to a high standard of personal responsibility and her competitive spirit is contagious."   Deb Capolarello, SVP People Practices and Chief Talent Officer MetLife


 “Carolyn is an accomplished executive, both in what she brings to business in determination and enthusiasm, as well as her ability to collaborate with a wide range of diverse business leaders and personalities.  She has deep experience in developing and implementing innovative corporate training programs.  She combines the best of pragmatic thinking and "can do" attitude that makes her a real asset to any team she works with."   Kip Knight, President US Retail Operations, H&R Block



“Carolyn has met and significantly exceeded our expectations.  Her down-to-earth no-nonsense style has captured the enthusiasm of our entire team - from the most junior newcomer to our highly seasoned professionals.  She holds their interest, piques their imaginations and makes them think about possibilities they had not previously considered.  She has provided invaluable one-on-one coaching to our principal team and has made significant strides in making us all more productive, more efficient and more aware of being the best we can be.  I am more than pleased to offer Carolyn my highest recommendation and would be happy to make myself available for any other questions or additional information."   Linda Melchione, Director of Operations and HR, Fusion Design Consulting


"Carolyn J. Rivera was a keynote speaker at our SHRM MO Conference.  In addition, she conducted a pre-conference workshop, You, Inc., an action plan to succeed.  In both instances, she was able to share her ideas in a way that captured the attention of her audience right from the start.  Carolyn was so easy to work with and she tailored her material to meet our specific needs.  Her presentations were both dynamic and engaging.  Below are just a few of the positive remarks in reference to her presentations. Carolyn Rivera: "Great Inspirational Speaker", "Amazing, the best speaker I have heard in years", "FANTASTIC choice for our statewide event”,  " Extremely Motivational", "Inspiring”,  “I really enjoyed Carolyn's time with us in both her workshop and her keynote speech”, "Enjoyed her enthusiasm and how she used her experience to excel on Survivor”.  Carolyn is definitely a speaker that I would book again for another event!"   Lori Maher McCombs, Executive Director Missouri State Council of SHRM

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